Four mistakes that can kill a car with an automatic transmission were named

We present a list of four common mistakes made by motorists that can “kill” an automatic transmission, that is, break it.
Let’s make a note that the material concerns the classical hydro-mechanical “automatics”, because the correct operation of robotized transmissions and variators are topics for separate articles.

  1. The “fastest way to kill” an automatic transmission is to tow an automatic car for a long time. The author of the material explains that cars with an automatic must not be towed at a distance of more than 50 kilometers and at a speed of more than 50 kilometers per hour. In addition, the portal encourages drivers to always look at the manual of the car when it is necessary to tow it.
  2. Driving in an unheated car can also harm the automatic transmission, because at low temperatures the ATF fluid, often mistakenly called “automatic transmission oil”, becomes more viscous and changes its properties.
  3. Shifting in neutral in a car with an automatic transmission unnecessarily, for example, when stopping at a crossroads or coasting, is a common mistake made by drivers used to driving manual transmission cars. The author of the material reminds that all gear shifts in an automatic transmission are made only when the car is stopped and the brake pedal is depressed.
  4. You should not try to make the car stalled on lack of roads by “rocking”. Changing modes to rock the car back and forth is inadmissible for a car with an automatic, the publication emphasizes, since such work with the automatic transmission can cause destruction of gears and friction damage.