Infiniti QX60 next-generation crossover replaces variator with 9-speed automatic

Infiniti has revealed some details about the new QX60. The second-generation crossover debuts with a new nine-speed automatic transmission paired to a 3.5-litre V6 petrol engine.

The premium Infiniti QX60 crossover follows in the footsteps of its sister Nissan Pathfinder, which in its fifth generation received a ZF-developed nine-speed instead of a continuously variable transmission. The automatic transmission is designed in pair with the atmospheric engine with direct injection – petrol V6 3.5 with 283 hp. Especially for Infiniti, the powertrain is fitted with active mounts that dampen vibrations.

“The new QX60 demonstrates excellent linear acceleration dynamics. The driver can feel the power and traction not only when starting off, but also when overtaking on the motorway. The new 9-speed automatic has a very wide range of ratios – almost 10:1 – for both excellent dynamic performance and excellent fuel economy,” said Dave Kiesel, Measurement Manager for Infiniti Arizona Test Center.

The new QX60 features a Drive Mode Selector in the cabin. The driver has five options to choose from: “Standard, ECO, Snow, Sport and Personal.

Infiniti has not yet given an exact date for the premiere of the new QX60, noting only that it will happen “soon”. The QX60 will be on sale in the US and Canada by the end of this year, the US media has learned.